Cemepedak – Another smelly, delicious Southeast Asian Fruit

cemepedakAt my trip to Krabi, I discovered a new very tasty fruit, which strongly reminded me of the delicious but smelly durian fruit. Thai people call this fruit jampata, but the fruit is generally known as cemepedak or its scientific name artocarpus integer. The cempedak is native to Southeast Asia and grows wild, as well as domesticated over an area spanning from the Malay Peninsula over Indonesia to the island of New Guinea. Beside Southeast Asia, the fruit is also grown and eaten in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The tree belongs to the same family as the jackfruit, though its fruits taste, as I already mentioned, is more reminiscent of the durian fruit. Its smell and its kinship with the jackfruit also led  to the name “Ugly cousin” of the jackfruit. Like the Durian, the fruit has a high fat content, a strong rotten odor and a very sweet and cemepedakcreamy taste. The fruit is high in vitamin A, which is very good for our eye’s health. It also contains lots of vitamin C and a high percentage of fiber, which helps to maintain digestive tract health. In Malaysia, the roots of the tree are also used as a traditional herbal medicine for women who just gave birth. The bark of the tree contains various components with anti-cancer and anti-malaria properties. The cemepedak tree grows up to 20 meters and its wood is of high quality and an ideal building material for houses, boats and furniture.

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