The Cook – Thai Italian Cuisine

The cookOne of my favorite restaurants in Phuket Town is called the Cook. It is one of the rare Thai restaurants which offers both, delicious western and Thai food. There are plenty of Thai restaurants offering western dishes actually, but their western food just doesn’t taste as it should. As I had quite bad experiences with Thai restaurants offering western dishes, I first went there with suspicion and didn’t expect to eat there specially good food. But I was proven wrong this time. This Thai gentleman cooks indeed amazing Italian and Thai food. The pizzas are thin and crunchy, real Italian style pizzas, not like those thick overloaded and unsalted pizzas from American restaurants like Pizza Hut. Don’t get it wrong, I like Pizza Hut, but I just really appreciate good quality authentic Italian food. Despite the really good Italian food,  this restaurant doesn’t even pretend to be real Italian. Instead they offer  interesting mixtures of Thai and Italian dishes, like pork basil pizza (see picture on the right), green curry The cook 4pizza or even durian pizza. Another interesting creation is the tom yam gung rice (picture right, for the original Thai dish see my post about the Tom Yam Gai). Beside the permanent dishes offered in the menu, they always have some new creations written on a black board. Last time I tried the new Banana Coco Ice Drink, which was with 120 baht on the more expensive site, but blew me away, as it just tasted fantastic. At the end of every meal, there are served free watermelons, baby bananas and langsat. The restaurant is located at Phang Na Road, just down from the Sinthavee hotel. The cook and owner of the restaurant is The cook 2called Bultham Bulrid (pronounced buntham bunrid, as a Thai “l” is always pronounced as an “n” after a syllable).  This guy opened the restaurant about 8 years ago and worked before in the famous Le Meridien hotel located at the Karon area of Phuket, as well as an Italian restaurant owned by his brother. After several tries as a Pizza Bakery Owner, he finally settled down successfully at the current location at Phang Na. As he was sitting at a table for a break last time we visited, I had the chance to take a picture with him.

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