Fried Thai Basil – A standard Thai meal

Today I had one of my favorite meals, which can be ordered in almost every Thai restaurant allover the country. Phat gra phraw means fried basil and there are various varieties of this dish, such as phat gra phraw muu (fried basil with hashed pork) or phat fried thai basilgra phraw gai (fried basil with hashed chicken meat) or phat gra phraw nua (fried basil with hashed beef). Do you want the meal with rice, then add raad kaaw to the name of your menu. Do you want additionally a fried egg, add sai khai daw. I had fried basil with chicken on rice with a fried egg, so the meals name was phat gra phraw gai raad kaaw sai khai daw. The meal is always served with a salty fish sauce containing small and very spicy chili and is called nam pla phrik. Thai basil has antibacterial properties and is rich in vitamin A. Beside that it it contains a lot of fibers which stimulate the digestion.

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