Kaaw Tom – Thai breakfast for a healthy stomach

kaaw tomThai people love to eat boiled rice in the morning. There are many restaurants, which just open mornings to offer those foods. There are two varieties of boiled rice. There is the usual kaaw tom (ข้าวต้ม), which is just rice boiled a few minutes, and there is the jock (โจ๊ก) which is rice boiled for a much longer time, which results in a thicker rice porridge. Both are served with meat balls and slices of meat, liver and sometimes other intestines like stomachs and bowels. Pork, Chicken, beef or seafood can be chosen for those two dishes. Additional there are different herbs on top of the boiled rice and ginger slices. And of course, the four optional ingredients, which are used for noodle dishes too, namely dried chilli, sugar, chilli in vinegar and soy sauce, can be added too. Those dishes are especially appropriate after gastrointestinal diseases like stomach flues, as there are not spicy (as long as one doesn’t add too much chili), very stomach-friendly and the ginger is also supporting for abdominal functions.

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