My life in Phuket

Old Town of Phuket 4In January 2013 I decided to leave Bangkok and try my luck in Phuket. Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island and one of the main tourist spots in the country. Phuket has an amazing beautiful landscape and beaches with clear turquoise water and refined white tropical beaches. In the south, the west coast is separated by a mountainous ridge from the rest of the island. The west coast is where the famous beaches Nai Harnof Patong, Kata, Karon and Surin are located and where the density of tourists is by far the highest of the island. East of the mountainous ridge lies the Muang Phuket district and its capital Phuket. The landscape here isn’t as amazing as on the west coast, but this is the place where the “Thai” life of the island takes place. Beside the presence of the governmental phuketdepartments, this is the place where traditional festivals are  hold annually,  where contests of singing birds are hold regularly and where the football stadium of Phuket F.C. resides. This is also the place of hundreds of Thai restaurants which offer exclusive local foods, Thai night club (witch in strong contrast to the clubs of Patong, have nearly 100 % Thai audiences), local markets and the city pillar of the province. Actually indigenous Phuketians are actually Chinese, strictly speaking Peranakan Chinese, though they developed in an own branch of Water godessPeranakan culture, which is also called Thai Peranakan (more about this later in this section). In this section of my webpage, I will provide you with information about beaches, markets, festivals, religious places, general Thai and Phuketian customs and believes, as well as local foods of Phuket. But not only do I want to present information about Phuket itself, I also want to give information about trips and neighboring provinces, which can be easily reached from Phuket. If you have any specific question about my posts, or want to add some additional information, feel free to post comments.

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