Chong Thong market

Yesterday evening we visited a small but interesting local market called talad chong thong. This market lies between the Chalong Circle and Phuket Town on chao faa tawan oog. It’s a real Thai market, with fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish, meat and even some cloths. As it is mangosteen season, we bought two kilos of mangkut, one of my favorite fruits. We also bought barbecued sticky rices (see first picture below), some grilled chicken some salaa or salak and observed some other interesting stuff. There was a man selling sugarcane juice (see third picture below), some sweets called khai tao (forth picture below), which is made from sticky rice flour (paeng kaaw niaw) and coconut flour (paeng ma phraw), fresh orange juice (fifth picture), some sweet potato, some jackfruits (kanun, sixth picture) and various fishes and meats.

Sticky rice Phuket market Sugarcane juice Thai Sweets          Orange juice

 Phuket market (14 of 21)         Phuket market

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