Local Thai markets

In this section, I’m going to introduce you some interesting local markets of Phuket and Southern Thailand. Local Thai markets usually offer a wide range of things, from fruits and vegetables over fresh or cooked/grilled sea food and meat to clothes, copied music and Phuket marketmovie CD’s/DVD’s (recently even copies in blue-ray quality). Not seldom, pets like parrots and small puppies can also be found. Thai markets are usually dirt cheap, one of the main reasons, Thai people prefer them over supermarkets. Local markets are hold daily or at the weekend. Sometimes temporary markets within or near a Buddhist temple complex are hold during Buddhist holidays. At this markets, the shop owner will give a certain amount of money to the temple, which is considered good karma (tum bun). Business and religious merit are hence combined at those places. The usual markets, which are hold regularly near a village are called talad nut.

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