Moo Kata – Thai barbecue

Thai barbecueThai people love barbecue, and there is hardly any city in the country, no matter the seize, without at least one barbecue restaurant.  Correctly pronounced, Thai barbecue is called moo gatha, though in Latin letters it is mostly written as moo kata. Thai barbecue always comes along with a big buffet, which offers not only fresh raw meat and fish, but often also Thai spicy salads called yam (for some kinds of yam see here and here), sushi, curries, noodles, rice dishes, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, french fries, somtam, and various kinds of dipping sauces, Thai barbecueas well as sweets. Beside normal meat, they offer all kinds of intestines and organs, such as liver, kidney, heart and stomach. Every table has a metal tray with slits, which is placed over hot coals. While the meat is placed on the metal tray, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and some fish are placed in the rim, which is filled with boiling water. One have to pay a fixed price (usually around 130 baht, equals around 4 US dollars) and can eat as much as one can. The only rule is, that you need to eat what you have token to your table. If you cannot, you will have to pay a fine.

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