Nam chim with green mango

nam chim with mangoTonight I’ll present you a very strong and strange tasting snack called nam chim mamuang. The snack consists of two elements: nam chim, a dipping sauce made of chili and some other ingredients and green sour mango (mamuang). Fortunately I could observe how my girlfriend prepared the snack, so I’m going to explain it to you in more details. First of all she took some small red chilies and put them in the blender to mash them. Then she added fish sauce to the mashed chilies. After that she added a big spoon of sugar and another spoon of salt to Chiliit. She also added some powder called rot dee, which is usually used to make soups or to marinate meat. The powder is basically  made of sugar, pork, garlic and salt. As the dipping sauce wasn’t enough spicy for her she finally added some dried mixed chilies (prik pon). Finally she took some green mango and cut it in pieces to eat them together with the dipping sauce. As I already had some stomach problems from too many sour tamarinds I ate some hours before, I had to pass on that.

nam chim 2          nam chim 3

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