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Rat Na – Delicious Thai Chinese Noodle Dish

Today I had one of my favorite noodle dishes called rat na, in Thai usually pronounced as lat na (daily Thai language pronounce the r as a l) or gwai tiaw (noodle) lat na.  In rat na noodlescontrast to other noodle dishes, which are usually just offered at noodle stalls, this noodle dish is offered at almost every Thai restaurant. The dish consists of wide rice noodles, a meat, seafood, tofu or mushrooms and Chinese broccoli leaves (kha naa). The whole thing is cooked in a thick slimy sauce made of either manioc starch (man sapa lang), sticky rice starch or cornstarch plus added fish sauce, sugar and pepper. Like with every noodle dish in Thailand, there is a set of cups filled with chillies in vinegar, dried chillies and sugar, to add some additional ingredients as one wishes. I especially like to eat this dish when I have some digestive problems or stomach aches, as the thick slimy sauce is ideal to settle one’s stomach.

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Hokkien noodles and Thai Ice Tea

Today it was time again for some noodles. I chose Hokkien noodles on oil and garlic with pork, in Thai called gwai tiaw hog gian muu haeng . Additionally we ordered some fried Hokkien noodlesshrimps called gung thod. Noodles called gwai tiaw in Thai are popular allover the country, but the Hokkien noodles are unique to cities of Chinese descendants like Phuket. The noodles were served with a soup, which tasted strongly of shrimps. For a drink, I had a Thai Ice Tea, called cha yen. This drink is made of a special orange Thai tea powder. The powder is made of Thai tea leaves or other black tea leaves, crushed tamarind and star anise powder, which gives the tea its orange coloring. Alternatively there are some cheaper varieties made of tea leave powder and artificial coloring. After the tea is brewed, sugar is added and the tea is poured into a glass filled with ice. Finally some condensed milk (nom khon) is added to give the tea a creamy taste.

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