Taling Pling

The taling pling, known as cucumber tree in English, is a backyard fruit of Thailand which due to its very sour taste, isn’t commercially produced. The fruit is indigenous to South and Southeast Asia, closely related to the carambola or starfruit  and grows usually up to 5-10 meter. It is used in traditional medicine to treat skin eruptions, swellings, rheumatism and poisonous bites. In Malaysia the leaves are used to treat venerable diseases. In some villages in India the plant was used as a means to control obesity. In Thailand the fruit can be added to various dishes including the gaeng som ( sour curry) or eaten raw with a special sauce called nam jim. This dish is said to waken up and activate. Nam jim is made of sugar, fish sauce, chilli and shrimp paste (made of a very small shrimp species called gung khoey) and is often used as a dip for fruits such as mango and other sour foods.


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