Thai dishes

In this section of my webpage (Thai dishes) am going to introduce you a variety of Thai foods which I encounter daily at street stalls, restaurants and also at home, as my girlfriend frequently cooks. The section will cover local southern dishes as well as typical Central Thai and Northeastern Thai dishes. I try to describe most ingredients of which the dishes are made of, although that isn’t possible always, especially if there is nobody I can ask. Fortunately the most important ingredients of a dish are almost always included in the name of the dish itself.

In Thai “to eat” is called gin kaaw. Gin means “to eat” or “to drink” and kaaw means rice. Other dishes than rice are usually simply called gab kaaw, meaning “with rice”. As can be seen in these words, rice is the fundamental ingredient of Thai food. Different varieties of rice will be explained in the upcoming posts.

One last point to be mentioned. Thai food is actually more than just “food” and many ingredients are added not simply to improve the taste of the meals, but to enhance the health benefits of the dishes. I’m not a specialist in this field, but whenever I know a few medical aspects of a meal, I will of course include those information in my post. Nevertheless, the main focus of this section is simply to give you an overview about the variety of Thai foods.

And now have fun to learn more about the world of Thai food.

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