The langsat fruit – delicious fruit with healing power

In this post I’ll show you another very delicious tree fruit: the langsat fruit. Like the durian and mangosteen fruit, described in the last post, this fruit is endemic to Southeast Asia’s forests and requires tropical temperatures to grow. Like durian and mangosteen this fruit is also available at almost every fruit market in Thailand.

Thai people distinguish the langsat fruit into two varieties, the thick-skinned long gong and the thin-skinned langsad, though they both belong to the same species and can be crossbred. The main differences is that the thicker skinned long gong variety is much easier to peel. The fruits taste is absolutely unique and makes the langsat one of my favorite fruits overall. The langsat tastes sweet and bitter, like a blend between grapefruits, grapes and bananas. The trees grow up to 20 meters and don’t bear fruits till they reach the age of approximately 12-15 years. However when they reach 20 years, they can produce over a 100 kg fruits a year. Beside that the wood of the trees is very hard, heavy and thick and ideal for the construction of wooden houses. Peak season of the langsat fruit is between July and September, though they are available all year round.  The langsat is traditionally used to treat a variety of diseases. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Thiamin. It contains Riboflavin which can counter migraine and Niacin which reduced “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and increased the “good” cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It contains the mineral nutrients calcium, iron and phosphorous. The very bitter seeds are used to make a deworming and ulcer medication. The pericarb is used to treat diarrhea. Finally the trees bark is even used to treat malaria and dysentery. Considering the delicious taste and healing powers, a couple of bunches of this fruit should be stored in every household.

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3 Responses to The langsat fruit – delicious fruit with healing power

  1. Allen Brown says:

    I have just received a gift of “Langsat” fruit and they are absolutely delicious. I am putting some seeds in potting soil in the hope that they will grow. I have done this with “Quenapa” seeds and I have beautiful six foot high plants from them. I grow them in the house because I live on Long Island, New York and it gets quite cold here in the winter. I will do the same with the “Langsat” plants. The summers are hot and humid so I can put the plants outside. I would appreciate any suggestions you can give me about growing “Langsat” fruit. Thank you.

    • Allen Brown says:

      Lo and Behold! The “Langsat” fruit seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago have started to grow. I planted them in small peat pots with new “Miracle Grow” potting soil. I figure that I will have fruit at around the same time as my “Quenapa” plants, around 30 years from now.

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