Tom Yam Gai – Delicious Thai meal

For today’s dinner I had a famous Thai dish called tom yam. Basically this dish is served in two varieties, tom yam nam khon and tom yam nam sai. The first has a sour taste and is thicker, due to some added coconut cream (hua gathi) and curry powder (phong gaeng  Tom Yamtom yam),  whereas the other one consists of clear water (nam sai). Tom yam is often made with shrimps (tom yam gung) but my favorite one is definitely with chicken (tom yam gai). In Thai restaurants, there are often two kind of chicken available – the house chickens (gai baan) and the farm chickens (gai liang). House chickens can be seen everywhere and walk usually free between houses. They are fed with everything, usually leftovers. Farm chickens on the other side are raised in commercial large scale farms. If I can choose, I usually order gai baan. Maybe they not getting as tender as farm chickens, but they enjoyed probably a far better life than the commercially raised farm chickens. Tom yam nam khon and tom yam nam sai both usually contain Thai ginger, lemongrass, mushrooms, chili and kaffir lime leaves. The whole nam of my meal was tom yam gai baan nam khon.

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