Tonkah Hill of Phuket Town

Tonkah Hill-47Today it was time again, to visit the monkeys of Phuket Town. Phuket Town has basically two small hills, namely the Tonkah Hill or Khao To Sae and the Khao Rang. While the Khao Rang has several restaurants, including a restaurant on the top of the hill, the Khao To Sae is a health park (suan sukaphap) for joggers and Tonkah Hillnature lovers. The street to the top is mostly closed to motorbike and cars, so the only way to get to the top is by foot. At the beginning of the way up is a big shrine house, where three tutelary spirits are venerated: to sae kaaw (the white to sae), to sae daeng (the red to sae), to sae dam (the black to sae). As I mentioned in other posts, Tonkah Hill-50Thai people believe that every place is inhabited by sometimes more or less powerful spirits. Those spirits must be appeased by offerings and prayers or the spirits would cause harm and bad luck to people crossing their territory. Nearly every house in Thailand has a spirit Tonkah Hill-24shrine for those purposes. But the reason we came here wasn’t to worship some spirits, we came here to see the monkeys. Because the Phuketians feed those monkeys everyday, their population have grown quite big, and it’s almost impossible, not to see them. The monkeys of Khao To Sae are big-tail macaque, which can be easily recognized by their short tail. On the way up we passed a Thai jogger. When he saw my camera, he asked me to Tonkah Hill 4make a picture of him. He was obviously very proud of his Thai Boxer physic. The way to the top is maybe about 2 km and there are various platforms and view points to rest and enjoy the amazing view over the island. It’s possible to see as far as Phi Phi Island, which is reached within two hours by boat. As we wanted to see monkeys in action, we also brought some bananas with us. The monkeys were eager to get them and one of the bigger ones even started to touch my girlfriends butt to get her attention.

Tonkah Hil          Tonkah Hill-45

Tonkah HillOn the way to the top I stopped at a view point to make some pictures (see picture left). Arriving at the top, I tried to make some picture of Phuket Town, but it was cloudy and late, so the light wasn’t ideal. Also Phuket Town doesn’t look so beautiful from far, as the small sino-portuguise buildings of the Town cannot really be recognized. Instead of the pretty traditional buildings, it’s easier to spot the big Towers and Hotels. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to be on a hill or mountain and watch the wide skyline and our beautiful ocean. After resting some time, we got hungry and walked back, down into the town to get some food at a local night market.

Tonkah Hill          Tonkah Hill-35

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