Watcharin Art Studio – A genious of naturalistic art

watcharin art studio Today I visited an amazing art gallery called Watcharin Art Studio. From outside, this shop looks more like a market garden than an art studio. The entrance is emblazed with overgrowing trees and bushes. The inside of the shop is adorned with a little fish pond and various fish aquariums. This artist definitely loves nature, and that’s  also reflected in his beautiful pictures. His pictures have an organic touch, are very colorful and stimulating one’s fantasy. I was totally occupied by those masterpieces and could have stand there for hours. But my little watcharin portraitcontemplation was cut by the appearance of Mr. Watcharin, who appeared from his working area in a backroom. He welcomed me and allowed me to take as watcharin 11many pictures as I wanted. He showed me around and elaborated on his work. He also told me a bit about his life and his struggles to make a living out of painting. His picture’s style is called naturalistic, but in fact this guy developed an own distinct style of painting. Watcharin grew up on a farm in the southern province of Surat Thani, and spend hours in the nearby forests, from which he draw his inspirations. Later he studied art at the famous Thai Italian university Silpakorn in Bangkok. Watcharin gives regular courses in art at the Bang Pae waterfall located in the Khao Phra Thaeo national park of Phuket. He teaches his students to use their fantasy and be inspired by nature and their emotions, rather by what they see with their eyes. For further information, feel free to contact Watcharin personally per phone: +66883861449, or via his website (alternatively leave me a message, so I can guide you to his place). Let him know, that “phum” gave you his number.

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